Trailer Types

It’s important to understand the differences between Common Trailer Types to avoid mistakes such as exceeding weight limits and overloading.

Car trailers

Car trailers are specifically designed to withstand the weight of a full-sized vehicle. They are used primarily for the transportation of larger vehicles and equipment due to their wheel locking properties.

Vehicular trailers are meant to keep your vehicle safe & reliable for several miles of transport without slipping or losing grip. These types of trailers are built with axles that can support the weight of most typical vehicles on the road today.

Open Utility Trailers

Open utility trailers are a perfect fit for medium sized vehicles & lawn-equipment; utility trailers can be used to haul a large variety of materials and fit a range of uses.

Open Utility Trailers are noted for being open around the deck, which allows easy access to equipment from all sides.Open Trailers are often more affordable than their counterparts but offer little weather protection in comparison to Enclosed Trailers.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers keep the elements away from your equipment. Enclosed trailers use tough galvanized steel beams and rugged side walls allowing for safe equipment transport. These types of trailers include aluminum-walls & plywood floor.

Most enclosed trailers also feature a back ramp for easier on-loading/unloading. Aside from being road worthy, these trailers double as a perfect storage space for when you aren’t using your gear.


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