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Walk Behind Mowers Buying Guide

Entry Level Premium Commercial
Cutting Width 20″ – 30″ 21″ – 22″ 21″ – 48″
Expected Engine Life 500 Hours 1,000 Hours 2,000 Hours
Warranty 3 Years 5 Years 2 – 4 Years

Introductory Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Introductory mowers are built with value in mind. They provide all of the functionality of other comparable walking mowers only at a more affordable price. These mowers offer both push and self propel drive options as well as the ability to mulch and bag depending on the model.

Premium Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

The premium walk behind lawn mowers are built more durable than the introductory mowers and offer technologies for improved cut quality and mower performance. Premium walk behind mowers are traditionally self propel drive and offer the ability to mulch and bag grass clippings depending on the model. Other common optional features of premium mowers include electric starters, blade-stop controls and larger mowing decks.

Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Commercial walk behind lawn mowers are designed to not only provide excellent cut quality but also to handle lots of wear and use. Everything about commercial lawn mowers is upgraded for heavy-duty performance and dependability. Larger engines, aluminum mowing decks and bumper guards are all common features that distinguish a commercial walking mower from comparable entry level and premium mowers.

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