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Tractor Tillers Buyer’s Guide


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How to Choose a Tiller


If you’re going to be keeping up a garden or a food plot, a tiller is one of the first things that you will need! Tillers are an extremely versatile, handy piece of equipment that makes maintaining a garden much easier! If you’ve ever had a garden, you might have even had to rent a tiller before. The truth is, the benefits of owning a tiller far outweigh renting. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll show you the benefits of owning a tiller. We’ll also tell you everything you need to know about selecting the perfect tiller for you!

Owning a Tiller

First off, tillers are one of the most easy to use pieces of equipment you will ever use! They take the back breaking task of tilling land, and turn into a breeze! When you have a tiller, it will be easier than ever to quickly and easily till your garden or foodplot. If you’re used to regularly renting a tiller, it’s time to upgrade!

Even if you only rent a tiller one time every year, owning a tiller will pay for itself in just a few years! However, if you own a tiller, you certainly will be using it more than once per year! Tillers are such an amazingly versatile tool. Along with tilling land, you can also use a tiller to:

  • Loosen the Soil
  • Prepare the ground for planting
  • Remove weeds between vegetable rows
  • Plow garden waste back into soil to decompose over winter
  • Landscape
  • Mix in compost and fertilizer
  • Turn soil

Choosing a Tiller

Because tillers are such an amazingly versatile tool, it would be a waste not to own one! When it comes to choosing a tiller that will work best for you and your needs, there a few things to keep in mind: food plot size, soil type and compatible equipment. Keep in mind that when purchasing a tiller, there are two basic types of tillers – walk behind tillers and tow behind tiller attachments. Walk Behind Tillers (mini-tillers) are smaller tillers, usually with a small tilling width, intended for smaller gardens. On the other hand, tractor attachment tillers (tow-behind tillers) mount on the back of your tractor and are usually powered by your tractor’s PTO.

Food Plot Size

When looking at tillers, the first thing to consider is food plot or garden size. If you’re going to be tilling a smaller garden (less than 1500 sq. ft.), then a walk-behind tiller (or mini-tiller) is probably best for you. On the other hand, if you’re going to be tending to a medium or large garden (above 1500 square feet), then you will probably need a lawn tractor tiller attachment. Tow behind lawn tractor tiller attachments range in widths, anywhere from 42” to 81”.

Soil Type:

Another thing that will have an impact on your tiller choice is soil type. Soil that is harder and more compacted requires a more heavy-duty tiller with higher horsepower than loose soil. If you use a mini-tiller on tough, rocky soil, it will end up skipping right over tough spots, as opposed to actually turning over the soil. If you’re creating a new garden or tilling for the first time, you will definitely want to go with something a little more heavy-duty, such as a tow behind tiller.

Compatible Equipment

Finally, the third and most important thing to consider when purchasing a tiller is which type of equipment you already have. If you’re looking into tow behind tillers, then you probably have everything you need to hook the tiller right up and get to work!

Tractor Tillers 

If you already own a sub-compact or compact utility tractor, then there are many tillers available for your equipment.   Tow behind tillers hook right up to your tractor’s PTO, for a quick and easy installation.  These types of tillers are compatible with any tractor with a three point hitch.  Mutton Power Equipment has a wide variety of these three point hitch mounted tiller attachments available, including:

  • Kodiak Rotary Tillers
  • Frontier Rotary Tillers

Lawn Tractor TillersEven if you don’t have a tractor with a 3-point hitch, there are also many tillers available for your lawn and garden tractor. For example, the Agri-Fab Multi Fit Tow Behind Tiller comes equipped with a universal pin hitch so you can haul it behind any size lawn or garden tractor, Gator, or even an ATV!?

Whether you’ve got a small garden or a huge food plot, there is a tiller out there for you. To learn more about any of our tillers available, give our tractor tiller experts a call at (260) 432-9438.

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