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We at Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne Indiana understand you have a lot of options when it comes to picking out what kind of equipment is best for your yard care. There are riding lawn mowers, walk behind lawn mowers, zero turns. Then when you figure out which one of those you want you then have all these different brands like John Deere, Toro, and Simplicity.

Well lets make this a little easier and talk about the Toro Walk Behind Lawn Mowers . There are four different models when it comes to these tractors. The 20” Recycler, the 22” Recycler, the 21” Super Recycler, and the 30” TimeMaster.

  • The Toro 20” Recycler walk behind mowers are best for smaller yards and areas where a lot of trimming is needed. But these aren’t the classic walk behinds from childhood, with a key start and rechargeable battery, you won’t be spending most of your time pulling a string and hoping it starts. We also guarantee at least 3 years of worry free starting.
  • The Toro 22” Recycler also has the same features at the 20” Recycler, with a few bonuses. With the blade override system, you can remove items from your path and even dump the bag, without having to worry about shutting off the mower.
  • The Toro 21” Super Recycler self propelled mower is once again raising the bar. Not only does it come standard with the previously mentioned options, it also comes with “Personal Pace”. This means that it automatically adjusts to the operators speed.
  • The Toro 30” TimeMaster self propelled mower not only has “Personal Pace” but it also has traction assist, which gives you better control on hills and slopes.

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