Toro has long been one of the premiere names in outdoor power equipment. With their full lines of lawn mowing and landscaping equipment, they have managed to create an amazing machine for virtually any outdoor need. During the past few years, Toro has become a household name for lawnmowers – both walk behind and riding. Their Zero Turn Mowers are no exception, as their Timecutter line has become one of the most sought-after mowers today.

Listening to customers and commercial landscapers, Toro has spent countless hours in research and development to create their amazing line-up of Toro Timecutter Zero Turn Mowers. In order to serve both residential and commercial customers, Toro expanded their Timecutter line to include two different models: Timecutter SS and Timecutter MX. Both of these zero turn mowers share similar features such as frames and engines, but there are also a variety of upgrades that make the Timecutter MX stand apart from the Timecutter SS.

Fabricated Deck:
Timecutter MX - Fabricated DeckThe Toro Timecutter MX Zero Turn Mowers use a heavier 10-gauge fabricated deck for more durability compared to the Timecutter SS models.

Large Transmission:
Toro Timecutter MX - Upgraded TransmissionThe Toro Timecutter MX Zero Turn Mowers use a larger and more powerful transmission to handle the increased weight of the mower deck along with providing a faster and more controlled mowing speed.

Upgraded Comfort:
Toro Timecutter MX - Height of Cut Foot-AssistThere are a few additional features on the Timecutter MX models that add an increase in comfort and usability compared to the Timecutter SS models. The foot-controlled deck lift assist makes raising and lowering of the mower deck easier. Arm rests are added to the seats to improve comfort for consumers. There is also an easy-to-read hour meter that allows for Timecutter MX owners to stay on top of their service intervals.

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