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Power Clear SnowMaster Power Max
Snowblower Type Single Stage  In-Line Two Stage Two Stage
Snowfall Type Light, Loose Light, Loose Heavy, Packed
Snow Depth Up to 12″ Up to 12″ Anything Over 4″
Clearing Width 18″ – 22″ 24″ 22″ – 36″
Surface Type Paved Paved Paved / Gravel
Throw Distance 25′ – 35′ Up to 40′ 30′ – 45′
Snow Capacity Up to 1,800 lbs. / min.  Up to 2,400 lbs. / min. Up to 3,000 lbs / min.
Self Propel Paddle Assist  Personal Pace Self-Propel Wheel Driven

Toro Power Clear Snow Blowers
The Toro Power Clear is a single-stage snow blower design that offers an affordable and easy-to-use method to clearing snow from your driveway and sidewalk. Built to be light-weight and easy to maneuver, these Toro snow throwers are designed to handle small to medium sized paved areas with winding sidewalks.

Their single rubber paddle and/or auger design makes them ideal for regions that rarely get more than 1 ft of snowfall at a time. Single stage snow throwers perform best in light weight snow but also are efficient in handling wet heavy snowfalls as well.

Toro Power Clear Single Stage Snowblowers for Sale 

Toro SnowMaster Snow Blowers

The Toro SnowMaster is a hybrid of a single stage and two stage snowblower to offer consumers something that has never been an option before. By combining the general design and structure of a two stage with the paddle system of a single stage makes the SnowMaster the best of both worlds.

This Toro Snowblower can clean snow clear to the pavement like single stage while also being capable of handling large snowfall with its self propel drive like a two stage. This snowthrower is a viable option for almost any market.

Toro SnowMaster Snowblowers for Sale 


Toro Power Max Snow Blowers

Toro Power Max Snow Blowers are a cost-effective and efficient method of clearing large amounts of snow from paved or gravel surfaces. These Toro snowthrowers are built to be durable on any surface and in any weather condition and are the only Toro snowblowers designed to clear gravel drives as well as smooth surfaces.

The Power Max series is ideal for the homeowner or professional dealing with a lot surface to clear and/or large snowfalls and drifts at a time. The Power Max allows the metal auger to first break down the heavy packed snow while the second stage is spinning at higher speeds to throw the snow.


Toro Power Max Two Stage Snowblowers for Sale 

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