Toro Powerclear Snowblowers

Toro Power Clear Snowblowers

The Toro Power Clear is regarded as one of the best single stage blowers on the market. Toro was the first to introduce the curved paddle design, which has been replicated in most major brands today. Compared to other snowblowers in the market the Toro Power Clear clogs less and throws snow further. They also have lower long term ownership costs when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Below is description of defining features to help you determine which Power Clear model is right for you.

18″ vs. 21″ Clearing Width

18″ wide blowers are the perfect size for clearing drives that can fit 2 to 4 cars, and sidewalks.
The 21″ blowers offer a larger engine and can throw the snow an additional 10′ for clearing a little bit wider areas.

Electric Start Vs Recoil Start

All blowers come standard with recoil, or pull cord start. The option of electric start does not have a battery like the lawn mowers, but requires an extension cord.
The electric start does not make your blower fire up any easier but does reduce strain from pulling. This feature is denoted as an (E) after the model number.

Zip Deflector Chute

The Zip Deflector “locks” the chute deflector in place for more consistent and accurate throws.
This options is standard on the 418 models an is denoted by a (Z) after the model number.

Quick Chute

The quick chute is a cable controlled chute rotation for quickly changing the direction of the snow being thrown.
This is a nice feature if you are frequently change direction or angles to keep the snow from coming back in you path. This feature is denoted by a (Q) after the model number.

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