5 accessories for eXmark Mowers

Top 5 Greatest Exmark Lawn Mower Accessories

If you have an Exmark Lawn Mower, then you already know how great a cut quality you’re achieving.  It’s no wonder why Exmark leads the way in commercial and residential lawn mowing.  Exmark’s exceptional engineering, quality, and intuitive controls work together to bring you the best Lawn Mowing Experience possible. If you would like to take your Exmark Lawn Mower’s performance to the next level, check out this list of the Top 5 Exmark Lawn Mower Accessories.

5. 12 Volt Adapter

This 12 Volt Adapter allows you to power anything you might need.  This is a must-have for operator comfort!  Whether you need to charge your phone or hook up any other accessory, the adapter is a necessity.  And it’s even conveniently located to make it easy to access.

4. Trash Container Kit

When you’re mowing, you don’t have time to stop and worry about debris!  Now, you don’t have to.  With the Exmark Trash Container Kit, you can pick up any trash or other debris and take care of it on the go, in no time at all!

This container is located within arm’s reach of the operator.  It features a 2.5 gallon capacity and durable, easy to clean, mesh material.

3. UltraVac Bagger Collection System

The Exmark UltraVac Bagger Collection System takes your yard to the next level of quality.  With each pass, this bagger collects all excess debris into the hopper, leaving behind a clean, crisp appearance. Along with picking up any grass clippings, bagger systems are also great at picking up leaves in the fall, making your lawn look flawless.

The Exmark UltraVac Bagger Collection system allows you to quickly switch between side discharge and bagging with its quick-attach capability. Exmark’s bagging system also features wide diameter tubes that help to reduce clogging.  If you want to achieve a professional, quality lawn, then the UltraVac Bagger System is a must-have.

2. Operator Control Discharge

When you’re mowing around sensitive objects such as cars, windows, mulch beds, and more, you know that every second counts.  This operator control discharge system allows you to quickly and easily operate the discharge chute.  Available with any Lazer X or Vantage mower, this is a must-have accessory for any landscape professional.

1. Turf Striper Kit

If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, you might have noticed the high-quality striping effect in the outfield grass.  This look can give a lawn a beautiful, professional appearance.  With each pass, the Exmark Turf Striper Kit delivers a fresh, ballpark look to your yard.

The Striper Kit attaches to existing mounting points, making installation quick and easy.  The innovative design allows you to easily service and maintain the striper kit, making sure that it lasts season after season.

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