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Bagging vs. Mulching Grass Clippings

There is some debate going on in the lawn care industry — what should you do with your grass clippings?  Should you bag them up and get rid of them, or should you just leave them in the lawn?  While a bagger can help give your yard a neat and clean appearance, there is substantial evidence that suggests leaving them in the yard might be better for your turf in the long run. In this article, we’ll finally answer the fabled question – to mulch or not to mulch.

Lawn Health

When deciding whether or not to mulch, the first thing to consider is lawn health.  The fact is; mulching promotes lawn health and proper growth.  Your grass clippings contain nutrients that are necessary for your lawn to grow – nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and more.  Grass clippings are a natural fertilizer, which can provide up to 1/3 of the necessary nutrients your lawn needs.

Along with supplying your lawn with valuable nutrients, recycled grass clippings also provide a layer of protection to sensitive grass roots.  That thin layer of clippings slows down the process of evaporation and keeps soil temperatures cooler, which keeps your lawn from drying out.  This will give your lawn a lush, green color.

Which is more efficient?

Not only does mulching give your lawn necessary nutrients, it will also save you time, energy, and money.  You won’t have to mess with emptying the bag when it gets too full; the discharge chute gets rid of grass clippings on its own.

Along with saving you time, mulching is also more environmentally friendly.  By leaving the clippings in your lawn, this keeps them out of landfills!

Lawn Appearance

Perhaps the most important question is: which method makes your lawn look better?  Many people like the fresh, crisp look that bagging gives your lawn.  Bagging your clippings can get rid of grass clumps and clippings, which can make your lawn look less than appealing.  However, if you choose to bag your grass clippings, you are depriving your lawn of the necessary nutrients that grass clippings can provide.

The best way to give your lawn a fresh, clean appearance that bagging provides, while also recycling your grass clippings and providing nutrients to your lawn is to make sure you mow often.  Grass clumps and excess clippings are only visible when you don’t mow your lawn often enough.  During seasons of maximum growth, it’s best to mow your lawn at least once per week.  And be sure not to cut the grass too short!  Grass clippings that are too long take longer to break down, which makes your lawn look less than perfect.  Keep your mower deck at an appropriate height so that only about 1/3 of the grass blade is being trimmed.

Another important piece of the puzzle is using the correct equipment.  Mulching blades can help to make your lawn look great – even right after being cut!  Compared to standard blades, mulching blades feature a more curved surface, and contain more cutting surfaces along the edge of the blade.  Because of that, mulching blades have the ability to cut grass clippings into smaller clippings before discharging them.

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