John Deere gators keep getting bigger and better. With the latest installment of 2013 John Deere XUV Gators, they brought the four seating feature to the popular XUV 825i model. The 825i S4 Gator has power steering standard, superior terrain capability, the capacity to comfortably seat four, and the ability to convert the rear seating to cargo space. These features make the XUV 825i S4 Gator a premium gator fit for any load in any condition and come out on top.

The top features in the all new 2013 John Deere 825i S4 Gator are:

Standard Power Steering with Anti-Kickback Feature

  • Anti-kickback feature reduces the amount of steering unwinding when traversing difficult terrain.
  • Torque sensor measures steering wheel input so the on-board computer can provide the appropriate output for various driving situations.
  • Maintain gator turning radius while reducing steering effort by up to 85{fef43dd3ebe491a7a0b77b2f8c85361e365cdac36b5c2305aad1e03c7b03cc05}

Superior Terrain Capability

  • Dual A-arm front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride over challenging terrain
  • Four-wheel independent suspension
  • Allows for superior wheel control and travel

Four Person Seating

  • Get your friends and family where they need to go
  • Comfortable seating allows you to travel in comfort
  • Under seat storage maximizes space in the gator to haul everything

Convertable Rear Seating

  • Fold down the rear seat for a flat surface
  • Provides extra payload and more surface area for equipment

If this peaks your interests, come see our available John Deere gator models online or in-store!

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