Image of a Honda HRN216 Lawn Mower

Honda Power Equipment is proud to introduce the all-new HRN series for the North American market.

2021 Honda HRN 2021 Walk Behind MOwer Mutton POwer Fort Wayne, IN
2021 Honda HRN 216 Series Mower

The models have been designed with modern styling and include features like the powerful, high torque GCV170 engine and
optimized deck design.

The Residential 216 HRN Honda mowers: HRN216PKA, HRN216VKA, HRN216VYA, HRN216VLA
All feature 3 in 1 with Clip Director® – mulch, bag, and discharge and Honda’s Honda GCV170 engine with Auto Choke System.

The development centered around top-class performance and quality, while improving the service and maintenance experience.

Honds 2021 HRN Mower Series New Features and Improvements
The new 2021 Honda HRN 216 Series features: Dual-Lever Height Adjustment, High-Torque GCV170 Engine, Improved Smart-Drive Control, 3-in-1 Clip Detector System, Modern Styling with Heavy Duty Deck.

Honda’s GCV170 Engine features ACS Easy Starting Technology, along with CycloFlow Technology. The GCV170 Engine always starts and mows with more power and efficiency.

Honda GCV170 Engine with Easy Start Technology and CycloFlow Technology
Hondas new GCV170 Engine combines EasyStart and CycloFlow Technology for an always-starts, high torque experience.

Intuitive Controls make the HRN216 easy to use.

Image of 2021 Honda HRN 216 Mower with SmartDrive and Dual Lever Height Adjustment
Honda’s 2021 HRN216 is easier to use: ergonomic SmartDrive and only two height levers allow for easy adjustment of cut heights from 1″ to 4″

Honda’s R&D efforts lead to a top-performing mower in the residential walk behind market.

Image of Honda 2021 HRN 216 Cloging Toughness Comparison; HRN216 cut 7" damp grass for 131 feet
The Honda HRN 216 cut 7″ tall damp Turf Fescue for 131 feet, compared to 39 feet for Competitor A and B.

Honda HRN’s MicroCut makes finer clippings; more mulching, less emptying the bag.

Image of 2021 Honda HRN 216 with MicroCut system cutting Kentucky Bluegrass
Improved Bagging: The HRN 216 mowed 580″ of 6″ Kentucky Bluegrass to a cut-length of 2.5″.
MicroCut System makes finer mulch, allowing for more mowing and less bag emptying.

The MicroCut system makes for efficient Mulching and a more attractive lawn.

Image of Honda HRn 216 compared to competitors mulching efforts.
On this 6″ damp Turf Fescue cut to 2.5″, the HRN 216 distributed the clippings evenly, leaving only slightly visible clippings.

Why Honda Lawn Mowers? The same engineering and attention to detail you find in Honda Automobiles.

Images of Honda benefits from design
Honda Lawn Mowers have the same engineering as Honda automobiles. Research and development produce an efficient, cost-effective product that lasts.

2021 Honda HRN 216 Series Walk Behind Mower Specs

Specification for 2021 Honda HRN216 Walk Behind Mowers
2021 Honda HRN 216 Series Specifications: HRN216PKA, HRN216VKA, HRN216VLA, HRN216VYA


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