Summer Stormclouds

Power Equipment Essential

Honda Generators         |          STIHL Chainsaw       |      Fuel                 

Generators are a crucial component for staying comfortable during power outages. An electric generator can be used to keep the refrigerator and a few lights running, or a home back-up generator can power portions or an entire home! Learn more about Honda Generators…

Tip: Make sure you run your generator regularly to ensure it will operate correctly when needed.

Chainsaws will not keep you comfortable during a storm, but a chainsaw will play a vital role in clean-up. For summer storms producing high wind speeds, it can be beneficial to have a chainsaw in order to cut dead or potentially hazardous limbs down after the storm. Other types of chainsaws such as pole pruners can be an added benefit for reaching high limbs. Learn more about types of chainsaws we carry…

Tip: Be sure to use chainsaws with caution and consult a professional before felling.

Fuel can be the only source of power for days at a time after a summer storm. Be sure to have plenty of fresh fuel, and make sure you properly label and store your regular fuel and your mixed fuel.

Other Tips: Fully charge your cell phone, flashlight, and spare batteries.

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