The Stihl brand is best know for their chainsaws but they are taking the handheld power tool industry by storm, especially with their backpack leaf blowers.

Stihl back pack leaf blowers may not be the the most powerful on the market, but Stihl understands the value of efficiency. See Chart below for fuel savings of a BR600 Magnum backpack leaf blower vs the competition.

Stihl BR600 Vs Competition

This chart is based on 1240 hours of use, which is approximately 2 season by a professional. If gas is at $3.95/gal you would save: $237 over RedMax EB7001, $398 over RedMax EB8001RH, $439 over Shindaiwa EB633RT, and $644 over Echo PB755.

With these fuel savings you could afford tp purchase an additional BR 600 Magnum from Stihl after less than 2 years of running and Echo and less than 3 years of running a Shindaiwa or RedMax.

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