John Deere 1-Series compact tractors

John Deere has always put a high emphasis on versatility, durability, and comfort for their tractors. This holds the same truth with the small 1-Series tractors as well. With innovative features like drive over mower decks, auto-connecting PTO shafts, and quick parking front loaders these small tractors are easy for everyone to use.

Drive Over Mower Decks

The primary function of most small John Deere tractors is to mow grass and with 54″ or 60″ deck widths it can handle a wide variety of property sizes. Like all lawn mowers, the decks need to be clean and have blades sharpened on a regular basis. The drive over capability allows the deck to come off quickly for these maintenance routines.

Also, the auto connecting PTO option, allows the decks to be taken on and off with no strain to quickly get into the next chore!

Quick Parking Front Loaders

This loader option allows the user to quickly drive out of the loader for mowing and drive right back into it for material handling without any lifting. These loaders also allow for the buckets to quickly be removed. As well for switching from a bucket to pallet forks, increasing the versatility for material handling.

Other Easy to Use and Install Attachments

With John Deere’s iMatch quick hitch systems there are a number of other 3 point attachments that can easily be taken on and off. The small John Deere tractors can handle small brush cutters, box blades, rear blades, landplanes, food plot seeders, and more including an easy to install and remove backhoe!

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