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Now that the Spring season is officially here in Fort Wayne, it’s time make sure your lawn is ready for another full season of growth. Keeping a healthy lawn starts with the initial pre-season treatment. In response to commercial landscapers and homeowners across the US, Ryan Turf Equipment has just announced the release of their new Lawnaire V Aerator with Easy Steer Technology.

As one of the premiere names in Turf Renovation Equipment, Ryan has always been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to manufacturing high-quality machines that are affordable for both commercial contractors and homeowners alike. The entire line of Ryan Lawnaire Aerators have long been the aerators of choice due to their quality build and durability.


In 2013, Ryan Turf Equipment released the Lawnaire V Aerator with Easy Steer Technology. Much like power steering on an automotive vehicle, the Easy Steer Technology (EST) allows for the aerator to maneuver and make turns quickly and easily. This new technology is proven to make yard aerator a quicker process while simultaneously making the machine easier to handle for the operator.

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