Ryan turf equipment

 Prepare your lawn for the oncoming fall season with Ryan Turf Equipment! Mutton Power Equipment carries the full line of Ryan Turf Renovation Equipment needed for the most demanding landscape jobs.

Professionals choose Ryan Turf Equipment over the competition because of Ryan’s unparalleled selection and it’s top quality equipment. At Mutton Power Equipment, we carry Ryan Sod Cutters, Aerators, Dethatchers, and Overseeders. These machines give your lawn the professional touch and put life back in your lawn.

Sod Cutters

Ryan Sod Cutters come with a variety of attachments, sizes, and power to meet your standard and make cutting sod easy and an enjoyable experience


Aerators provide the chance for your lawn’s grass to fully germinate and have a strong root system to allow lush, green grass! Ryan aerators come in varying sizes and shapes to provide the user with a machine that perfectly fits his or her needs as they aerate the lawn.


Prepare your lawn during the Spring and Fall to get it ready for the changing seasons with at dethatcher. Rip up the dead, ground in grass to the top so fresh grasses have a chance to effectively grow so it doesn’t die when the weather quickly changes.


The Mataway Overseeder is the most versatile turf renovation product on the market today. With the ability to dethatch, overseed or do both at the same time, the Ryan Mataway Overseeder is in a class of its own.

If ever you experience a broken or worn out part on your Ryan Turf Equipment, don’t freak out and burn your lawn. Instead, find your Ryan Replacement Parts Online or simply contact us at Mutton Power Equipment to replace your worn out or broken parts. We have a friendly, knowledgeable service staff who can help with any part need you may have.

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