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Push Mower Buyers Guide

Push Lawn Mowers Buying GuideWalk Behind Lawn Mowers – also known as Push Mowers – are best suited for very small urban and suburban yards where the ground is relatively flat without hills or ditches. Push Mowers are designed to be very simple and affordable so they traditionally do not offer many options. The main difference between a Self-Propelled Mower and a Push Mower is the use of a drivetrain to move the lawn mower on its own. A Push Mower is named that because there is no self-propel option so the user must manually “push” the lawn mower forward and backwards to move it. Since most walk behind lawn mowers are light-weight, this isn’t a very difficult task on flat land. When you are moving on hills or for extended periods of time, having a self-propelled lawn mower might be a better choice.

Gas Vs Electric Power

Electric powered push mowers are becoming more popular because of their low maintenance and reduced noise. Electric mowers also have reduced operating cost and downtime for repairs.
An electric powered mowers are limited to very small yards because of their electric cords or short battery life. Gas powered push mowers have longer run times and can quickly be refueled.


All walk behind mowers come standard with a mulching function. Mulching keeps all grass clippings under the mower deck until they are minced to very small clippings.
These clipping provide nitrogen rich nutrients to the lawn which acts as a fertilizer. Also mulching reduces the amount of clippings blown into flower beds, vehicles, and the house.

Side Discharge

Side Discharge is an option that can be used on tall, wet, heavy grass to quickly get the grass cut and out from under the deck.
This options does not typically leave a fine looking finish to the yard but may be necessary if grass conditions cause the engine to bog down or lose power during mulch cutting.


Bagging is less than ideal for push mowers because it quickly adds weight to the mower making it more difficult to maneuver.
The benefit to bagging is having a clean looking yard during fall leaf season or special occasions where grass clippings cause a burden.

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