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How to Prep your Snowblower for Winter

The snow is coming, the snow is coming!! Though this isn’t a thought we want to think about, but its good to be prepared for when the snow comes! So here is how you can prep your snowblower for this winter. 

Oil Change

Your snowblowers oil should be changed at the beginning of every winter. You should do this so moisture from the air doesn’t cause small amounts of combustion byproducts (exhaust) to build up in the oil. This contamination will result in an increase in engine wear of your snowblower.

Check Spark Plug

Another tip, check your spark plug at the beginning of winter. You should check to make sure the spark plug wire is securely attached to the spark plug. Also, if your spark plug is dirty, go ahead and clean it off. But if it is rusted or corroded, it is time to replace your spark plug.

Get Fresh Fuel

Getting fresh fuel is essential for your snowblower. If you haven’t filled the tank up within the last 30 days then the snowblower needs fresh fuel. Stale gas can be harmful to your machine and can leave deposits in the fuel system.

Inspect Drive Belt

When inspecting the drive belt, you will want to be looking for fraying, cracking, or signs of stretching. If there are any signs of those then it’s time to replace the drivers belt. If the belt is not changed out then it could cause the snowblower to break.

Checking All Parts

This is very important step, make sure all the parts are moving slowly and tighten nuts and bolts. If any parts are missing they must be replaced immediately.

After following these steps, let the snowblower run for a couple of minutes to make sure there are no issues before using it.

If there is anything wrong with your snowblower please give us a call at (260) 432-9438. We will make sure your snowblower is ready to take on the winter season!

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