Image of Toro PowerMax HD 928 OE premium snowblower.

Premium Two Stage Snowblowers

The premium models of two stage snow blowers are built to clear long driveways of heavy snowfall. Their heavy-duty build and unique features allow them to quickly and efficiently clear a lot of snow in a short period of time. Built for extended use, premium two stage snow blowers are incredibly durable while offering a variety of features that help to make the snow clearing more efficient and comfortable.Remote Chute Deflector:

The chute deflector allows you to change the angle of the snow being discharged from the snowblower. Premium snowblowers allow you to control the chute deflector from the operator station, an upgrade from the manual adjustment needed on single stage snowblowers. This will allow for a more efficient use of time when clearing a lot of snow at one time.
A high loft will get you maximum snow throw distance in low winds, while a low loft will throw the snow a shorter distance with less chance of blow-back during high winds.

Powered Steering:

The use of a powered steering feature is essential when constantly changing direction in deep snowfalls. Powered steering allows for both wheels to turn at the same rate when going straight for maximum traction. To utilize powered steering on a turn, you use a hand lever to disengage one wheel, allowing you to turn on a dime. The powered steering feature is essential for long snow removal jobs.

Heavy-Duty Gear Casing:

One of the major distinguishing features of a premium and commercial grade two stage snowblower is the heavy-duty gear casing used to turn the auger. A more durable gear casing means that the auger can power through heavier and wet snow, as well as small chunks of ice and frozen snow clumps.
The use of steel and other durable, heavy-duty materials allows for the premium two stage snowblowers to eliminate the need for sheer pins in the auger system. This feature is a found on almost every model of premium and commercial grade two stage snowblowers available today.


The use of a headlight has become almost a standard feature on all two stage snowblowers, especially premium snowblower models. The headlight allows you to easily see in front of you when clearing a snowfall. Headlights come in handy when you are blowing snow during a windy day and the blowback can cause a decline in visibility. The headlight feature is also incredibly useful when clearing snow early in the morning before work or late at night.

Hand Warmers:

One of the newest and most innovative features to be added to two stage snowblowers in the past few years has been automatic hand warmers. This is an optional feature on many two stage snowblowers that will make snow removal less dreadful. If you have a lot of surface to clear, the snow removal process can take up to hours at a time. The ability to add some comfort to the work is essentially in the cold winter months. At the end of the work day, there is no better feeling than your own fingers.

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