New! JOhn Deere S240

John Deere has introduced the S240 as a new model in the riding lawn mower line up for 2015. John Deere’s S240 offers homeowners a premium lawn tractor at a value price. Check out the new S240 features and find out what makes it a hot buy for 2015

John Deere has been producing quality lawn equipment for over 30 years and providing value has always been at their core. With the demands of the box stores for price point models, the “nothing runs like a Deere” quality has been sacrificed. John Deere’s solution to this problem was to offer their independent dealers the perfect combination of quality and value with the S240 riding lawn tractor.

Increased Comfort

The John Deere customer knows that mowing doesn’t have to be a chore, with the right lawn tractor it can be quite enjoyable. The S240 is equipped with the 15″ tall open back seat which not only provide great support but keeps a cool breeze on your backside. It also features rubber seat isolators for reduced vibration and a forgiving ride. To further improve the ride quality, the S240 is equipped with a larger premium turf tire for increased flotation and a smoother ride. John Deere didn’t stop there, they also added a larger steering wheel and sealed bearing on the front wheels to make steering easier.

Improved Durability

It’s well known that John Deere makes a great product and with some key upgrades they are ensuring the S240 will continue to be great for years. The S240 is equipped with a premium twin cylinder Kawasaki engine that provides smooth power while reducing noise and vibration. Upgrading the transmission was aslo very important for the long term success of the S240. With this more robust transmission the S240 is capable of hillside operation and more towing capability.  To top it all off, John Deere has equipped the S240 with an electric clutch eliminating the wear and tear of manual belt engagement.

These upgrades make the new John Deere S240 the best value in the lawn tractor line up. The S240 takes all of the comfort and convenience upgrades of the X300 Signature series, puts it on a D100 Series frame and upgrades the transmission and engine. To top it all off the S240 comes with a 3 year 200 hour warranty!

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