John Deere 4M Series Tractors

2014 is a big year for John Deere, they have introduce a whole new line of Compact Utility Tractors. John Deere has added on the 4M Series, which is part of the 4 Family of Compact Utility Tractors. The 3 new models of John Deere 4M Compact Utility Tractors includes the John Deere 4044M, John Deere 4052M and John Deere 4066M.

New 4-Family Styling Improves Aesthetics and Function

The 4M has an aggressive look with bold graphics, curves, and new headlight design. Functionally, the sloping angle of the hood increase user visibility. Along with the fixed grill and side create a better seal for the engines cooling compartment.

Final Tier 4 Yanmar Diesel Engine

The 4M series features an all new Yanmar 4 Cylinder Diesel design to meet Final Tier 4 Emissions. The Tier 4 compliant engines runs quieter, are more fuel efficient, and produce far less emissions all without sacrificing power or torque. The introductory 4044M is naturally aspirated but the 4052M and 4066M models are turbo charged.

Option of PowrReverser or eHydro Transmission

The open station 4R tractors give the option of either the 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission or the eHydro transmission. The PowrReverser gives the rugged durability of the gear transmission with the convenience of syncronized gears in range and clutchless forward to reverse.

Although, the eHydro is an option on the open station tractors, it is a standard with cabs. The eHydro now comes standard with all the convenience features of cruise control, MotionMatch,, LoadMatch, SpeedMatch, and eThrottle.

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