Starting in 2014, John Deere announced the release of the brand new 3R Series of Compact Utility Tractors. Comprising of three models to replace the popular 3020 series of Tractors, the new John Deere 3R Series Compact Utility Tractors are some of their finest machines ever built. The 3 new models of 3R Tractors are the John Deere 3033R, John Deere 3039R and John Deere 3046R which replace the John Deere 3320, John Deere 3520 and John Deere 3720 models, respectively. 

The new John Deere 3R Series of Compact Utility Tractors are not just replacements of previous models, but entirely new machines themselves. John Deere redesigned the 3R Series to include a variety of new features which are highlighted below. Want to learn more about the John Deere 3R Series? Visit our website to learn more about the John Deere 3033R, John Deere 3039R and John Deere 3046R Compact Utility Tractors.

New Tier 4 Diesel Engine

  • Economical cast-in-block cylinder design for good cooling and long life
  • Direct fuel injection
  • Powerful and clean Diesel
Ergonomic Controls

  • Seat flips forward for protection from the elements.
  • Adjustable using the fore and aft lever located under the seat, the seat slides on ramped rails to provide comfortable access to all controls.
Improved Styling

  • Easy tractor family identification
  • Updated fixed grill and side panel hood design allowing for optimum sealing of the cooling compartment
  • Integrated maintenance position on front grill for easy battery access
  • Wraparound-style halogen headlights
Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission

  • Automotive Cruise, MotionMatch, LoadMatch, SpeedMatch and eThrottle controls are integrated into a single module
  • Standard feature on 3R Series Tractors that provides an easier and more comfortable tractor experience

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