Updates for 2016

John Deere has two new additions to their lineup of mid-size crossover utility vehicles – the two-seater XUV590i and four-seater XUV590i S4.  These new Gators pack a punch, with twice the horsepower, a 20 MPH faster top speed, a 50{fef43dd3ebe491a7a0b77b2f8c85361e365cdac36b5c2305aad1e03c7b03cc05} larger fuel capacity, and quadruple the amperage output of the XUV550.

The design of the new 590i is about power and speed. The new, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 32HP 586cc engine is double the housepower of the XUV 550, with 32.9 ft lbs of torque, and features a blisteringly fast 48MPH top speed.

Compared to the XUV550, a quadrupled 65 amp output allows more headroom for accessories, and the 4.9 gallon fuel tank has increased to 7.4 gallons, so you can spend more time out in the field.

A new fully isolated engine with sound dampening increases user comfort by lowering the acoustic profile and limiting vibration transfer from the engine to the frame.  The occupant position has also been adjusted for more ergonomic operation.

John Deere’s new advanced digital instrument panel features a backlit display for night operation and displays 18 vehicle parameters like fuel level, speed, engine rpm, coolant temperature, odometer, time, and trip meter.

Refinements to the four passenger model allow easier access to an extra 4.33ft of cargo space and 200lbs payload capacity when the back row of seats is folded down.  All power steering models now come with a winch ready chassis standard, saving hours of prep time.

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