No levers, no adjustments, no learning; self-propelled evolved.

New for 2021, Toro introduces the a mower that adjusts to you; no knobs, no levers, no messing around. Grab the easy-to-steer handle, engage, and go – with Personal Pace Auto-Drive™.

Supercharge your mowing with an increased airflow that requires less energy to cut more grass into teeny-tiny, clumpless clippings. That’s our Vortex Technology™ cutting grass into fine clippings–we call these Lawn Vitamins™, for free. Throw on the grass bag and start your lawn vacuum that holds more so you empty less. In total, it’s a boatload of features that easily make you and your lawn look great in less time.

Image of Vortex vent on Toro super recycler
Toro introduces Vortex technology for SuperRecycler. Vortex helps make tiny clumpless clippings
Image of Toro Supperbagger full of lawn clippings
When bagging, Vortex makes small clippings, so less bag emptying

This machine starts the first time, every time, and is built to last with a 22″ steel deck. Powered by a 7.25 ft-lb Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® EXi 163cc engine. Includes standard feature – no oil changes for the life of the engine, just top it off. The Quick Wash washout port is standard for easy cleaning.

Image of Briggs&Stratton 675EXi engine
2021 Briggs&Stratton 675EXi-always starts on first pull

Toro also brings model changes in 2021. Several models are discontinues, while several have both function and facelift for 2021.

Discontinued models:

20333, 20340, 20357, 20372, 20373

These models were 22″ cut, Personal Pace Recyclers.

21383, 21385,

These models were Recyclers with Personal Pace.

Now for the new models:

21332-21″ cut, Briggs&Stratton Engine

21382-21″ cut, 160 Honda OHC Engine, Personal Pace, FLEX Handle

21386-Briggs&Stratton Engine, SmartStow & FLEX Handle

21462-22″ cut, 7.25 B&S 163cc OHV, RWD, Personal Pace

21464- 22″ 6.25 B&S, 150cc OHV, RWD, Personal Pace, ES, High-Wheel

21465-22″ 6.25 B&S, 150cc OHV, RWD, Personal Pace, SmartStow, High-Wheel

21472- 22″ 7.25 B&S, 163cc OHV, AWD, Personal Pace, High-Wheel

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