New Additions to the Exmark Lineup

It’s a new year – and along with a new year comes some great new additions to the Exmark Lineup.  In this article, we’ll highlight some new products and features that are new to the Exmark line.

The New 2015 Exmark Spreader-Sprayer

New to 2015, the Exmark Spreader-Sprayer is the first of its kind.  The innovative design of this great new machine offers incredible versatility, maneuverability and productivity.

Exmark’s exclusive Lean-To-Steer Controls allows you to easily steer with one hand, while freeing up the other hand to operate the sprayer and spreader controls.  Three padded knee bolsters surrounding the operator provide maximum comfort and stability.

The Exmark Spreader-Sprayer also features a powerful Subaru EX27 Commercial engine, a large 175-pound capacity hopper, intuitive controls and a deluxe agitation system.

Quest Front Steer

The next amazing new addition to Exmark’s 2015 lineup is the Quest Front Steer Zero Turn Mowers.  Now you can have the productivity of a zero turn mower, combined with the comfort and control of a steering wheel! The most affordable series of Exmark Zero Turn Mowers is now available with a steering wheel!

This machine is perfect for someone transitioning from a standard riding mower.  The Exmark Front Steer Mower combines the comfort of a steering wheel with the superior productivity of a commercial grade zero turn mower.  The adjustable tilt steering wheel maximizes comfort for all riders.

New Exmark Twin Cylinder Engine

Exmark’s Quest series is also available with Exmark’s all new twin-cylinder engine.  Exmark has constructed a powerful 708cc V-Twin engine, designed exclusively as a zero turn mower engine.

The new engine features a dual barrel carburetor that increases airflow for stronger performance and longer engine life.  Other great new features on Exmark’s new engine include the innovative air intake design and the quick-drain oil system, which allows you to drain oil without tools!

Exmark Vantage S-Series Propane Mower

Exmark’s popular commercial stand on mower line is now available in a propane model!  After the success of the Lazer Z S-Series Propane powered lawn mower, Exmark has released a propane powered Stand On Mower – the Vantage S Series Propane Mower.  The Vantage Stand On Mower allows you to see more, giving you greater steering control.  You can also get on and off the mower easily to pick up any debris.

The Exmark Vantage Propane Mower features a powerful Kohler Command EFI engine.  Propane also burns cleaner, leaving less fuel emissions.  Because of the lower cost of propane, your operating costs will be much lower than traditional gas mowers.

Rear Discharge Deck

A new feature available to the Pioneer S-Series Model is the Rear Discharge Deck.  Available in the 60” Pioneer S-Series Model, the rear discharge deck provides greater control, closer trimming, reduced noise, and a higher cut quality.

The rear discharge deck is an absolute must-have feature for commercial mowers.  This is the ideal tool for golf courses, cemeteries, and municipalities.

Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, Indiana is proud to offer all of these great new Exmark products and more.  Check out our online store or give us a call today to learn more about the great Exmark products now available.

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