The John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle has quickly become legendary for their high performance designs and unlimited work uses. Whether you are looking to take your machine off-road for fun or wanting to put your machine to work, there is virtually nothing that a John Deere Gator can’t do. Although the John Deere Gators have been available in a variety of color options, with almost an unlimited amount of attachments and accessories, there has never been the option to completely “black out” your Gator — until now.

As a special celebration of years of continued success and growth in the Utility Vehicle market, John Deere is breaking the mold with their latest creations in the Midnight Black Special Edition Gators. Available in both the XUV 825i and RSX 850i models, the John Deere Midnight Black Special Edition Gators are only available for a limited time which means that you’ve got to buy now if you want to own one of these incredible pieces of off-road history.

Utilizing a matte black finish throughout the Gator from the roll bars to the body panels and everything in between, the Midnight Black Special Edition Gator Utility Vehicles are sure to turn heads everywhere they go. The custom wheels and door panels continue the matte black look while providing a unique aesthetic that cannot be matched by any other side-by-side utility vehicle on the market today.

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