Keeping your Z-Spray in great working condition is very important! Keep reading to see how to keep your Z-Spray in perfect condition for this Spring and Summer season!

Engine Maintenance (Vanguard 16HP or 18HP)

We recommend to use only original equipment replacement parts. Other parts may not perform as well. It could also cause damage to your machine or possible result in an injury.

For Oil recommendations, Briggs & Stratton say to use certified oils for the best performance. There are other high-quality detergent oil that can be used, if they are classified for service. These are a few options you could use: (Do not use special additives).

  • SF
  • SG
  • SH
  • SJ or higher

If the oil level is below the ADD mark, add oil until it reaches the FULL mark. Start the engine and let it run for a few seconds. Then turn the engine off and check the dipstick for proper fill level.

For Fuel recommendations, we suggest that the fuel meets these requirements:

  • Clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline
  • A minimum of 87 Octance / 87 AKI (91 RON)
  • Gasoline with 10{fef43dd3ebe491a7a0b77b2f8c85361e365cdac36b5c2305aad1e03c7b03cc05} of ethanol (gasohol)
  • Or up to 15{fef43dd3ebe491a7a0b77b2f8c85361e365cdac36b5c2305aad1e03c7b03cc05} MTBE (methyl teriary butly ether) is acceptable

Recommendations for washing the engine, use compressed air and NOT water. 

Hydraulic System Maintenance

Hydro-Gear recommends that the fluid and filter(s) be changed every 500 hours. When replacing oil in your system, we recommend using 5W-40 Synthetic Oil. The hydraulic system requires 25 micron oil filters (part #80404) or use something equivalent to be used.

Make sure you are checking for hydraulic leaks daily to ensure proper fluid levels.

Also, we recommend for cleaning the hydraulic system to use compressed air NOT water.

Traction Unit Maintenance

All Z-Sprays have 5 grease fittings that require periodic greasing. These locations can be found:

  • Wheel assembly (1 on each front wheel assembly)
  • Caster assembly (1 on each front caster wheel assembly)
  • Driver belt idler (1 idler arm)

We also recommend to check out the wheel and caster assembly every 25 hours for:

  • Bearing wear
  • Damage
  • Debris
  • Proper installation

Also, inspect the idler arm bushing around every 50 hours for wear. These bushings are a wear item and will have to replaced periodically.

Make sure you are checking to see if all bolts, washers, nuts, pins and other mounting hardware of your Z-Spray are tightened ; at least once a week or before you use your Z-Spray.

Spreader Maintenance

The Z-Spray comes equipped with either a Junior 120 lbs spreader or a Z-Max and Intermediate 220 lbs spreader. Both of these spreaders require the same amount of attention and maintenance.

The best way to clean the Hopper is using compressed air and NOT water. We suggest to clean out the debris and product from the Hopper to eliminate build up. Make sure the hydraulic hose is fitting tight and free of leaks.

Attachment Maintenance

The Z-Spray can be equipped with of the L T Rich product attachments. Below are the attachments and description of each one:

7 gallon, 18 gallon, or 25 gallon auxiliary tank:

This attachment is a separate tank that uses the pump provided on the existing unit. Since this tank is cycled through the same system as the standard tank(s), it should be treated the same way when going through a maintenance routine. Make sure you flush out all the product out of the tank and related hoses on a daily basis.

7 Gallon Isolated Tank:

This attachment has its own pump and In-line 50-mesh screen, pressure gauge throttle valve and 25′ coil hose (standard). The same maintenance practices should be applied as the 7-gallon specialty tank along with checking the 50-mesh In-Line filter on a daily basis.

Make sure the rubber gasket remains intact when taking the filter housing off and on. If you put it int the wrong place, could create loss in pump pressure.

Foam Marking Kit:

This attachment allows a unit to mark the turf and make the operator aware of where the product was just applied. The foam marker drop nozzle is installed at the end of the spray booms and disperse foam droplets 12″ from the outer spray pattern.

The maintenance is very important for this attachment; make sure to periodically run warm water through the system to dissolve any leftover residue. When storing unit or when you’re not using the foam marker, store foam marker tank empty and without water to limit residue buildup.

If you have any other maintenance questions about your Z-Spray please stop in our store or give us a call!

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