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There are three main types of leaf blowers on the market today:Hand-Held Leaf Blowers, Backpack Leaf Blowers, and Walk Behind Leaf Blowers. Each type of leaf blower has unique differences and intended uses, so be sure to learn about each type below to figure out which leaf blower is right for you.

Handheld Leaf Blower
Primary Use: Homeowner
Engine Size: 27cc
Air Velocity: 140 – 145 mph
Air Volume: 359 – 459 cfm
Weight: 9 – 12 lbs
Price: $150 – $260

Backpack Leaf Blower
Primary Use: Large Property Homeowner
Engine Size: 27cc – 64cc
Air Velocity: 130 – 200 mph
Air Volume: 406 – 712 cfm
Weight: 12 – 21 lbs
Price:  $300 – $500

Walk Behind Leaf Blower
Large Property Homeowner : Dense Trees / Commercial Properties
Engine Size: 160cc – 260cc
Air Velocity: 150 – 200 mph
Air Volume: 800 – 1,600 cfm
Weight: 75 – 130 lbs
Price:  $650 – $1350
Hand-Held Leaf Blowers:

Hand held leaf blowers are the most common type of leaf blower on the market today. Built to be light-weight, hand held leaf blowers are typically powered by 2-stroke engines or Electric motors.

Hand-held leaf blowers are light-weight which allows them to be used without any stress on the operator. Their small size makes them perfect for clearing leaves or grass from the drive, sidewalk, or porch.
Backpack Leaf Blowers:

Backpack leaf blowers are a great option for a homeowner or professional landscaper looking to clear a lot of leaves in a short period of time. Their unique design allows them to have a more powerful engine creating more air volume and air velocity.

Although backpack blowers are heavier than a hand held blower, the weight is displaced over the entire upper body of the operator, allowing for longer run times.
The larger, more powerful back pack leaf blowers are more ideal for clearing leaves from yards than the much smaller hand held models.
Walk Behind Leaf Blowers:
Walk behind leaf blowers are the ideal choice for homeowners or professional landscapers with a lot of leaf removal to do. Walk behind leaf blowers are much larger than both hand held leaf blowers and backpack leaf blowers, which allows them to produce more air volume at even great air speeds.
All walk behind leaf blowers use wheels to offset the weight of the machine, making them easy to maneuver. The greater air volume allows for deep piles of leaves to be cleared more effectively than even backpack blowers.
The use of various other features such as nozzle adjustment provide even further control of airflow and direction for the operator. Walk behind leaf blowers can be used in yards of all sizes and can even be used for clearing large areas of pavement of loose gravel and debris.

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