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Because Messy Sidewalks are for Rookies

John Deere’s Mulch on Demand System is the only technology of its kind.  If you are a commercial landscaper, this is a game changer!  With the John Deere Mulch on Demand, now, for the first time ever, you can effortlessly change between side discharge and mulching, without even having to leave the seat!

Not only does the John Deere Mulch on Demand (MOD) system save you lots of time, it also helps you give your mowing jobs a perfectly clean appearance.  Switching from Side Discharge to Mulching also means no more grass where you don’t want it!  Keep your grass clippings in the lawn!

Not only does John Deere Mulch on Demand save you lots of time, and gives your lawn a perfectly clean appearance, it also severely reduces the risk of any costly accidents! When you’re mowing around sensitive areas, such as sidewalks, driveways, and mulch beds, Mulch on Demand allows you eliminate the side discharge in seconds! No more worrying about debris or rocks hitting nearby cars! You can be sure that no grass winds up in your flower bed, and no rocks end up hitting your car!

And when you are mowing in open areas, simply pull the lever back to turn off the Mulch on Demand so you can quickly side discharge! Messy Sidewalks are for Rookies.

John Deere’s Mulch on Demand system is available for most John Deere Commercial ZTrak Zero Turn Mowers AND John Deere QuikTrak Stand on Mowers.  If you’re a commercial landscaper, John Deere’s commercial lawn mowers are the absolute best piece of equipment for the job.  Everything about the ZTrak and QuikTrak series was carefully constructed to provide maximum performance, comfort, usability, and power!

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