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John Deere’s 3-Point Hitch mounted sprayers are an absolute must have piece of equipment for anyone with a compact or compact utility tractor.  Whether you do residential lawncare, commercial landscaping, or agricultural operations, John Deere makes the perfect sprayer to fit your needs.  These extremely versatile sprayers are great for fertilizing, watering, spreading weed killer, and even de-icer.  Just mount the sprayer right onto your 3-point hitch and you’re ready to go.

Choose from a 45 Gallon, 60 Gallon, 110 Gallon or 150 Gallon Capacity sprayer and a wide variety of spraying widths.  If you are looking to add a John Deere Sprayer to your tractor, and you don’t know where to start, here is a guide to help you choose which John Deere Sprayer is best for you.

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45 Gallon Sprayers

John Deere’s 45 Gallon Sprayers are the perfect tool for smaller, residential uses. This convenient and easy to use sprayer hooks right up to your Cat. 1 3-Point Hitch. Cover lots of ground quickly with an 80″ Folding Boom that sprays an adjustable 60″, 90″, or 120″ swath. For maximum versatility and mobility, the 45 Gallon Sprayer also comes with a detachable spray wand so you can spot spray trees, shrubs and more.

The 45 Gallon Sprayer is available in two models; standard and high performance, which features a high-output pump, remote control and your choice of a 150″ Precision Boom or 24′ Boomless Nozzles.

See the 45 Gallon Standard Sprayer (LP20840)
See the 45 Gallon High Performance Sprayer (LP22886)


60 Gallon Sprayers

John Deere’s 60 Gallon Sprayers are an incredibly durable, high performing, versatile sprayer. These sprayers are perfect for large property owners, commercial landscapers, and small farms. They also feature a 20′ Hose so you can easily spray in hard to reach areas.

Each 60 Gallon Sprayer is available with a Cast Iron Pump or the high performing Silver Series XL Pump. You can also choose between three different boom options:

  • 150″ Folding Boom: Offers 150″ spray swath. Provides increased precision. Perfect for spraying around driveways, flower beds and gardens.
  • 18′ Folding Boom: 18′ Spray swath. Offers left/right/center boom spray control. Perfect for spraying any property size quickly.
  • 30′ Boomless: 30′ Spray swath. Ideal for hilly terrain and where precision is not needed. (Not recommended for windy days.)




110 Gallon Sprayers

John Deere’s 110 Gallon Sprayer is ideal for larger operations such as pastures, athletic complexes and field crops. This sprayer boasts a 110 Gallon Tank Capacity and durable steel frame. 3-point hitch compatibility makes it incredibly easy to hook up your sprayer and go!
Each 110 Gallon sprayer is available with a Cast Iron Pump or the High Performance Silver Series XL Pump. It also comes with your choice of three different boom options:


150 Gallon Sprayers

John Deere 150 Gallon Sprayers are the ultimate sprayer for your operation. This extremely versatile sprayer easily hooks up to a Category I or a Category II 3-point hitch. The large 150 Gallon Tank Capacity means less time filling up! This sprayer is perfect for large farm operations, commercial sprayers and landscapers. Each 150 Gallon sprayer has a wide spraying swath of 30′.

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