John Deere Compact Tractor

Want to see how John Deere stacks up against the competition? We have compared the highs and lows between John Deere Compact Tractors to comparable models from the competition.

  • We compare the 1 Series Tractors against brands like Kubota and Cub Cadet
  • We compare the 2000 Series tractor against brands like Bobcat, New Holland, and Kubota
  • We compare the 3000 Series tractor with brands like New Holland and Kubota
  • We take the 4000 Series tractors in a comparison against Mahindra, New Holland, and Kubota
To see the John Deere tractors stacked up against themselves, we’ve created simple charts to show you a comparison between each series of tractors.
1 Series Tractor 2000 Series Tractor 3000 Series Tractor 4000 Series Tractor

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