John Deere 1-25R with loader and mower


John Deere Sub Compact 1023E John Deere Sub Compact 1025R
Engine Yanmar 3TNM72 Yanmar 3TNV76
Horsepower 22.4 HP 25.2 HP
PTO Power 15.3 HP 18 HP
55.2 cu. in.
904 cc
68.1 cu. in.
1116 cc
3-Point Hitch Limited Category 1 Limited Category 1
iMatch Quick-Hitch
Yes Yes
Cruise Control No Yes
Deluxe Seat, Tilt Steering & Floor Mat No Yes
Deluxe Lighting Package No Yes
12V Outlet No Yes
John Deere Sub Compact Tractor comparison chart provided by Mutton Power of Fort Wayne Indiana
The John Deere sub compact utility tractors offer a lot of capability in a small package as the ideal entry-level member of the John Deere Tractors family. They can be used for a number of chores on the property and can quickly change from one attachment to the other with iMatch and Driver Over Decks. The John Deere sub compact utility tractors are also known as 1000 Series tractors, featuring two incredible and unique models in the 1023E and 1025R.
Front Loader Work:

The John Deere sub compact tractors can be equipped with a front end loader to handle a variety of materials.

The most common loader usages on a small tractor are for mulch, river rock, and light dirt work.

The sub compact tractor loaders even have the capability of adding front loader attachments like pallet forks.
Brush or Groom Mowing

These small John Deere tractors are great for mowing residential yards and larger field areas.
They offer the capability of a drive over belly mower for better visibility for residential yards with obstacles, or a 3 point groom mower for larger areas.
The John Deere sub compact tractor can even be used for brush cutting fields with a rotary cutter up to 60″ width.
Snow Removal

There are a variety of ways of efficiently doing snow removal with a John Deere sub compact tractor. Adding a tractor cab can allow for the John Deere sub compact tractor to be used year-round.
These tractors can handle a front or rear mounted blade for snowfalls up to 8″ or a front or rear mounted snow blower for snowfalls over 12″.
These small tractors can even be fitted with a front mount rotary broom for cleaning snow and debris from ornamental pavers.
Other Chores
John Deere 1 Seris Chores

There is a wide range of  attachments that can be use on a sub compact tractor but due to their size and HP ratings there are some limitations on size compatibility.

Some of the most common attachments used are rotary tillers, box blades, landscape rakes, sprayers, spreaders, aerators, post hole augers, and more!

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