Image of JOhn Deere Quick Hitch

John Deere puts high emphasis on making equipment comfortable and easy to use for all users.  Their innovative quick hitch options, such as iMatch, Autohitch, and front mount quick hitches make taking equipment on and off simple.


These hitches are available with adjustable top link to ensure a more universal fit for off branded 3 point implements. The iMatch quick hitch can be a invaluable addition to your John Deere tractor when saving time, and your back, is a priority.

The iMatch Quick Hitch is a 3 point implement quick hitch. This quick hitch allows John Deere, Frontier, and many other manufacturers of equipment to quickly and easily be taken on and off your John Deere tractor.


There is also an AutoHitch attachment, which is an additional piece to the John Deere iMatch system. The John Deere AutoHitch and iMatch combination allows specific PTO driven John Deere 3 point implements to be taken on and off without leaving the seat.

The AutoHitch add on will allow the PTO spline of John Deere Rotary Tillers and Brush Cutters to be connected to the tractor PTO using the AutoHitch system.

Front Mount Quick Hitch

John Deere also makes a Front Quick Hitch for their X700 Series and Compact Utility Tractors. The Front Quick Hitch allows front snowblowers, front blades, and rotary brooms to quickly and easily be mounted and are interchangeable.

The Front Quick Hitch comes with a hydraulic tilt function and an available angle function to give the user complete control of their desired front mount attachments.

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