Image of John Deere MCS ^ bagger attachment

Tired of stopping and getting of the mower every time you need to dump the bag on your grass catcher? Turn you current John Deere grass bagging system into a dump from seat bagging system with this all new adapter kit.

Superior Tech has designed a quick dump bagger attachment to fit you current John Deere 2 bag or 3 bag catcher system. This innovative attachment saves time and energy usually associated with bagging the yard.

There are 3 options of quick dump attachments dependent on your particular tractor model and the factory bagger on your machine.

John Deere MCS 6

Fits 2 bag systems on 100 series John Deere lawn tractors. This dump from seat bagger attachment add on can carry 6 bushel of material and is designed for the light frame and transmission associated with the introductory mowers by Deere

John Deere MCS 7

Slightly larger with a 7 bushel capacity, this dump from seat bagger add on will fit 2 bag systems on X300 John Deere models. The heavier build and transmission can handle slightly more capacity.

John Deere MCS 8

The 8 bushel capacity quick dump replacement bag is designed to fit the John Deere X500 series garden tractors. This will replace the current 2 bags on the 6.5 bushel material collection system designed for this models.

John Deere MCS 14

This MCS quick dump bag replacement is design to fit on the 3 bag systems on the John Deere X500 and X700 garden tractors. The heavier build and transmissions on these models are able to handle the heavier load of this dump from seat system.


2 thoughts on “John Deere Quick Dump Bagging System”

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in the MCS14 quick dump collector in dimemensions etc.and construction.As I have a power flow 3 bagger on a x495 which looks compatable .Am I right in thinking the MCS 14 fits on to to this as a replacement of the bags.Can you please supply me with some sort of diagram of how this fits etc. As I am a bit baffled at the rear of the four bag hangers,and the construction of the framework.

    trusting you may be able to help,

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