JOhn Deere Selective Control Valve

This introduction to John Deere Power Beyond Kit Vs SCV’s will help you identify Power Beyond Kits or SCVs.  John Deere tractors come with a wide variety of hydraulic systems to power standard features and many optional items as well. All of these items are being ran by either an SCV or Power Beyond kit but how do you know when to use what?

Selective Control Valves (SCV’s)

The SCV’s are used for majority of attachments for your John Deere tractor.

Most John Deere tractors come standard with dual mid SCV’s, which are used for front loader functionality.

John Deere tractors also have up to 4 additional rear SCV’s to power 3 point tractor attachments with hydraulic functionality.

There are also kits to run one SCV down the front loader for hydraulic capable loader attachments such as grapple buckets.

Power Beyond Kit

The Power Beyond Kit differs from SCV’s on John Deere tractors because it supplies a continuous hydraulic flow.

A continuous hydraulic flow allows use of attachments like backhoes, log splitters, and post drivers that have there own hydraulic function.

The Power Beyond is a dealer installed option meaning they do not come standard on any John Deere Tractors.

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