John Deere Military Gator
John Deere military-gator
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Do you want a utility vehicle that can handle any kind of terrain? How about one that can go up to 20mph, even on hills while carrying a load? Look no further than the John Deere Military Gator Series. This is not your grandpa’s utility vehicle. Here are just a few features that set these gators apart from the rest.

  • Faster speeds – up to 20mph
  • Dual radiators – 30% more cooling ability, which means more play and less overheating
  • Front bumpers – not only does it look cool, it also gives it more protection
  • Fully independent suspension – smooth ride whether you’re carrying a load or not
  • Hydraulic cargo dumping system – Need I say more?
  • Safety features – Seat belts, so you can go fast over bumpy rides and still be safe

Additional Features

  • Cup holders
  • 12-V outlet
  • Glove box
  • Fuel gauge

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