Image of John Deere Riding Mower with Grass Bagger

Buying a John Deere bagging system can be a bit confusing. Continue reading for a break down on what’s what with John Deere baggers, or go straight to our John Deere Material Collection Model Chart.

John Deere 2 Bag Material Collection Systems (7 bushel capacity)

The most common size bagger for John Deere lawn tractors is the 2 bag system. This 7 bushel capacity system fit 38″, 42″, and 48″ John Deere mower decks. There are a number of different 2 bag grass catcher to fit specific John Deere models, so be sure you know your model before making a purchase.

John Deere 3 Bag Material Collection Systems (14 bushel capacity)

The 3 bag system is appealing because it has more capacity and that means less dumping than a 2 bag system. However, these bagger systems are only available on John Deere garden tractors because they can handle the extra weight added with a full 14 bushel load. The 14 bushel baggers also use a Power Flow system and is only available on 48″, 54″, or 60″ mower decks.

John Deere Power Flow Bagger Systems

The John Deere Power Flow grass catchers are utilizing a turbo assist system to force the grass into the material hopper. Larger deck sizes cannot produce enough blowing power to push all the grass they cut up the chute. The Power Flow is chopping and compacting the grass and leaves into the bags for a tighter load.

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