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John Deere has two iMatch hitches built to make life easier. The first of the successful iMatch hitches was the Quick Hitch, designed to make all Category 1 implements a snap to attach and take off. Then John Deere changed the game again and added the Auto Hitch. The John Deere Auto Hitch made PTO driven implements so easy to attach and detach that you didn’t even have to leave your seat.

iMatch Quick Hitch

The John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch addresses one of the greatest operator concerns, attaching tractor implements. The iMatch Quick-Hitch provides easy hookup and a guaranteed fit for all Category 1 implements designed to meet the ASAE Category 1 Standard S278.6 for quick-attach hitches. The simple design allows compatible equipment to attach to it seamlessly, allowing operators to keep things simple and there is less set-up time needed for a task.

All implements require a set of bushings in order for the attachment to fit and work properly with the iMatch Quick-Hitch. One set of bushings comes with the iMatch Quick-Hitch. You can purchase a separate pair of bushings as well to have a spare set in case you lose any.

iMatch Auto Hitch

John Deere is at it again with their Auto Hitch. iMatch AutoHitch is the next generation of the successful iMatch Quick-Hitch that allows customers to hook up the power take-off (PTO)shaft of certain PTO-driven implements. This revolutionary system is the first of its kind, allowing a customer to change from a compatible rotary cutter to a compatible rotary tiller without leaving the seat of the tractor.

John Deere continues to lead the way with innovative designs that ensure customers can quickly and easily change implements and attachments on the compact utility tractors with no tools and little experience needed with their iMatch systems.

2 thoughts on “John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch and Auto Hitch”

  1. I have a 3038E with iMatch Auto Hitch for my rotary cutter. However I have a very difficult time getting the PTO to seat properly. I have had service men come and they fiddle a bit and get it in. Last summer I made them give me a “class” when it was in for servicing and things were great last summer. This summer, it’s back to the same problem. I don’t know what I am doing wrong & nobody can tell me. How about a video really showing in detail how it works? I am VERY frustrated.

    1. Beth,

      We are sorry to hear about your troubles. We will definitely take your suggestion and add it to our list of videos to make in the coming months. If you are still looking for answers, we HIGHLY recommend you check out — It’s the largest John Deere Tractor forum and is free to join and has literally thousands of helpful and knowledgable owners who contribute to it daily. There’s a good chance someone might be dealing with the same problem as you and can offer some free advice or tips. We recommend every one of our John Deere customers visit and join the site purely for the amount of information and knowledge that is available there. Good luck!

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