John Deere Gator HPX

The John Deere 4×4 Gators have staked their claim amongst other utility vehicles by providing best in class stability and true 4WD capability on the HPX models. But with the rapid increase in 4×4 Gator models recently its has been difficult to keep up the evolution of the Gator and the features on the new XUV series.

The Original 4×4 – John Deere HPX Gator

The HPX Gators were the first 4WD Gator on the market and are available with a carburated gas engine or diesel engine. These Gators look very similar to the John Deere 4×2 UTV’s in design but proved additional functionality by offering a “true 4WD drive”.

True 4 Wheel Drive

Unlike most UTV’s (and trucks), John Deere has put locking front and rear differential on their HPX Gator models. This allows the user to power the Gator in 2WD mode with 1 wheel driving, or by locking the differential, driving with both rear wheels. This same idea applies with 4WD mode. Most UTV’s would have 1 front and 1 rear wheel drive the machine and call it 4WD, but the HPX Gator has locking differentials and once those are engaged ALL 4 wheels drive, giving maximum traction and capability.

Heavy Duty Cross-Over 4×4 – John Deere XUV Gators

John Deere has improved upon the heavy duty true 4×4 frame of the HPX Gator by offering a diesel 855d and two electronic fuel injected models in the 625i and 825i XUV Gators. John Deere has also improved upon this frame by offering fully independent front and rear suspension topped off with a deluxe cargo box.

Fuel Injected Gas Engines

Using an EFI engine allows the XUV Gators to reach higher top speeds and be more fuel efficient. The 825i model even has a digital dashboard to display fuel level, hours of use, and driving speeds.

Independent Front and Rear Suspension

John Deere understands utility vehicles are used for both work and play and these Gators offer the best for both worlds. XUV Gators are using dual A arm suspension front and rear to improve comfort, hauling stability and trail capability.

Mid-Duty Cross-Over 4×4 – John Deere XUV Gators

The newest 4×4 Gator is a slightly smaller XUV offering customers an entry level utility vehicle for work and play. John Deere has achieved a lower price point with these Gators by using carburated gas engines and introducing a lighter frame with a more simplistic 4WD system. The highlight of the new XUV is comfort with and capability with independent front and rear suspension. There is also more potential for customizing for looks or functionality in the fields or trails with authentic John Deere Gator accessories.

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