John Deere Gator XUV825m

Primary Use: Transport / Towing
Top Speed: 15-25 MPH
Suspension Type: Semi-Independent Coil over Shock
Cargo Box Capacity: 500-1200 lbs
Towing Capacity : 900-1600 lbs
Roll Over Protection : HPX Only
4 Wheel Drive : HPX Only

Primary Use: Towing / Trail
Top Speed: 28-45+ MPH
Suspension Type: Independent
Cargo Box Capacity: 400-1000 lbs
Towing Capacity : 1100-1500 lbs
Roll Over Protection : Standard
4 Wheel Drive : Standard

Primary Use: Towing / Trail
Top Speed: 60 MPH
Suspension Type: Fox Multi-link Independent
Cargo Box Capacity: 400 lbs
Towing Capacity : 1200 lbs
Roll Over Protection : Standard
4 Wheel Drive : Standard
Traditional Series Gators:
The John Deere Traditional Utility Vehicles are built around the original design that dates back to the early 90’s. The original Gator is now available in a variety of options, from the stripped-down work horses that have 2WD and no rear suspension to the fully-loaded utility vehicle with 4WD and front and rear suspension. Designed as a true utility vehicle, this series of Gator is built to handle a variety of tasks safely and efficiently.
Cross Over Series Gators:
The Cross-Over (XUV) Series are one of the newer lines of utility vehicles from John Deere. Building upon the success of older models, the Cross-Over Series Gators have a variety of features that make them stand out from the competition. These UTV’s have stuck to their heritage of being a work vehicle but have adapted over time to provide outstanding trail and off-road performance. They are available in a standard duty platform or a heavy duty platform to meet any expectation or budget.

The new John Deere RSX side by side is the newest member of the Gator family. Built for play while still having the ability to be used for work applications, the original RSX 860E and new RSX 860M Gators are top contenders in the recreational utility vehicle market. Available in the standard model or upgraded to the Sport or Trail package, there is virtually nothing these powerful utility vehicles can’t tackle. With large, powerful race inspired engines and an off-road suspension system more advanced than most trucks, these bad boys can go anywhere… and make good time doing it!

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