John Deere Compact Tractor
Compact Utility 2000 Series Compact Utility 3000 Series Compact Utility 4000 Series
Property Type
Estate Owners /
Up to 10 acres
Hobby Farmers/
Up to 20 acres
Up to 30 acres
Horse Power Range 20HP – 30HP 25HP – 35HP 30HP – 60 HP
Loader Capability Light Material Lifting
Medium Lifting /
Attachment Use
 Heavy Lifting /
Attachment Use
Mowing Capability Up to 6′ Wide Up to 7′ Wide Up to 9′ Wide
Implement Options 
Light Push/Pull
Small 3-pt
Light Drag/Dig
Medium 3-pt
Heavy Push/Pull
Large 3-pt
Price Range $13,000 – $20,000 $15,000 – $30,000 $20,000 – $50,000
John Deere Compact Tractor model comparison chart by Mutton Power of Fort Wayne Indiana
2000 series compact utility tractor
The 2000 Series tractors are classified as a small frame compact utility tractor. They are a durable yet affordable tractor for larger estate owners and landscapers looking to get daily use out of their equipment.
Their small size makes them maneuverable enough for residential mowing but with more HP and faster loader speeds they are more efficient than the small sub-compact tractors for loader and implement work.
3000 series tractor
John Deere’s 3000 Series compact utility tractors are built on a medium size frame and offer many options. These tractors are ideal for hobby farmers and municipalities needing a tractor to meet their specific needs.
The larger frame gives these tractors more weight for handling heavier loader work and attachments. Their ability for numerous order options also gives these compact tractors the versatility needed for more specialty uses.
4000 series compact tractor
 The 4000 Series John Deere is a built on a large frame for the farmers and commercial users looking for a tractor to handle a variety of larger implements.
The heavier frame makes these tractors ideal for heavy lifting with the front loader and running attachments that demand more HP. The 4000 series tractors are much more efficient in ground engaging activities than the other compact utility tractors by John Deere.

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