Some Key Difference between the John Deere 4105 and the 4044M Compact Tractors

Ever since the John Deere 4105 Compact Utility Tractor was discontinued in 2011, we have heard many people saying that the John Deere 4044M is pretty much a direct replacement of the 4105. While it’s true that the 4105 and the 4044M have similar components, there are a few key differences in their performance. Here is a quick guide to the key differences between the 4105 and the 4044M Compact Tractors.

Besides the horsepower difference, the 4044M also has an improved loader capacity, transmission, and more.  Check out the chart below to learn more about the differences between the two.

 4105 Compact Tractor4044M Compact Tractor
Engine Horsepower:40 hp44 hp
Engine Cylinders:3 Cylinder4 Cylinder
Loader Compatibility:H165 LoaderD170 Loader
Loader Capacity:1,400 lbs.2,400 lbs.
Loader Lift Height:8’ 6”9’ 6”
Hydraulic System:14 gpm15 gpm
Rear Axle:AluminumCast Iron
Transmission:2 Range3 Range

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