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The 3025E Compact Utility Tractor is the newest addition to the John Deere 3E Series lineup.  Noted for being one of the most reliable series, these rugged 3E tractors are designed from the ground up to be best-in-class. The new 3025E features intuitive TwinTouch pedals that make operation smoother than ever.

Easy to use Pedals

These two easy-to-use pedals allow you to change directions effortlessly when doing tough tractor work.  Compared to treadle pedals which require pressing your toe to go forward and your heel to reverse, the TwinTouch pedals let you easily adjust the speed and direction of travel without exerting yourself.

Composite Deck

The well-designed SOLID COMPOSITE DECK on the 3E Series is covered in slip resistant coating for a great resting place for your feet; especially if you engage the OPTIONAL CRUISE CONTROL. When you’re used to other models that offer little room to rest your feet, you’ll appreciate the superior ergonomics of the 3025E.

Heavy Duty Suspension

A HEAVY DUTY SPRING SUSPENSION underneath the adjustable seat creates a more comfortable ride when days get long. Compare that to a typical two-spring suspension that competitors use, prone to bottoming out on bumps. Up time is also where the 3E Series shines.  

Electrohydraulic PTO

When you’re in the middle of a job out in the field, the last thing you want is to kill productivity by stopping.  With the 3E Series SUPERIOR ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC PTO, you can engage your rear implement while you’re on-the-go.  That means easily switching between cutting and transport mode without stopping each and every time.

Diesel Engine

The trusted YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE also offers higher torque than the competition.  This comes in handy with applications like tilling, when you really need to transfer power to the ground. The 3E Series comes with a factory installed D160 LOADER option.  The D160 Loader has a max lift capacity of 1186 pounds which means fewer lift cycles for a faster workday.

The total hydraulic flow on the 3025E is an impressive 9.3 gallons per minute, resulting in more responsiveness and faster loader cycle times.  The quick detach bucket can also be removed in seconds. The OIL COOLED WET CLUTCH provides longer wear life and lower maintenance costs, giving you greater peace of mind with fewer repairs. Compare that to the dry clutch on competitor models that may require a cable adjustment every 100 hours.

Even when your 3025E is fully-equipped, from a loader to a rear implement, it has the BEST USABLE TURN RADIUS in its class.  Also, the steering components are located BEHIND THE AXEL, protected from obstructions in the field, preventing costly repairs and downtime. The 3025E was built with a TOUGH COMPOSITE MATERIAL that CAN’T DENT AND WONT RUST on the hood and fenders, just another reason why the 3E is the best-selling compact tractor in its class.

Now that you’ve seen the superior design and durability of the new 3025E, stop by Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN for a test drive today and learn why nothing runs like a Deere.

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