Image of JOhn Deere 2025R with loader and backhoe

The John Deere 2000 Series tractors are going under an identity change for the 2013 season. The popular 2320 model is now being renamed to the 2025R, being the introductory model in the “new” 2 Family. Below are the changes that will come with the new 2025R Decal.

More Visible Warning Lights:The upgrades the the 2320 are primarily driven by safety concerns. The first amendment is going to be more visible warning lights located on the ROPS.
  Green Fuel Cap:This next change being made is very questionable as to the benefit. John Deere believes the green fuel cap will enable users to more easily recognize the need to fill with diesel fuel only.
  Reverse Implement Operation:The last amendment to the old 2320 is that of an RIO button. This is the pesky mechanism that does not allow you to operate the tractor with a live PTO in reverse. It is a safety feature that could potential save the life of a small child or family pet.

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  1. Richard,

    We were not aware of this issue – thanks for bringing it to our attention! You should definitely have your local dealer look at it the next time it’s in the shop and have them see if there is an official “fix” or recall on this.

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