John Deere 1-Series compact tractors

John Deere has come out with 1025R sub compact utility tractor to replace the popular 1026R model after just only 2 years. Why this sudden change in model? What is the difference?

Horse Power
The new 1025R drops down to 24.2hp from 25.2 hp. This change was done to satisfy Tier 4 diesel engine emissions standards, and thus the change from “26hp” to “25hp”.

Warning Light
The 1025R tractor is now using a larger, more visible warning light on the ROPS bar. See below.

Fuel Cap
The fuel caps on the new 1025R are now green rather than red. Depending on what part of the world you live in green gas pumps are the standard color for diesel fuel, thus the green cap.

There are no significant changes to the new 1025R from the 1026R except to satisfy regulation and perhaps they are now safer or more user friendly, if you don’t know which fuel is which.

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