John Deere 270 Backhoe

New from John Deere is the innovative 270A Backhoe.  This great new backhoe offers many new and improved features such as user-friendly controls, operator comfort, improved usability, and many more.  In this article, we’ll highlight some of the great new features that are available in the John Deere 270A Backhoe, along with some specifications and compatible tractor models.


Improved Attachability:  One of the best features of the 270A Backhoe is improved attachability.  This backhoe is now compatible with mid-mount mower decks!  Now you can easily go from mowing to digging without having to worry about removing a mower deck!  This awesome feature will save you lots of time and effort.

Improved Performance:  The 270A Backhoe allows for maximum performance by increasing hydraulic flow and system pressure for greater digging force and weight capacity.

State of the Art Bucket: The 270A Buckets are available in 8″, 12″, or 16″ models and feature a custom thumb in order to better move large, uneven shaped objects.

Easy Operation:  The 270A Backhoe features an incredibly simple to use two-lever control for boom lift, swing, dipperstick, and bucket.

Operator Comfort:  The 270A Backhoe allows better visibility to the digging area.  The operator’s seat also adjusts vertically and horizontally in order to maximize operator comfort.  The innovative controls also allow for extremely easy operation; control linkages require less operator effort, taking the strain out of digging long hours.


With the new 270A Backhoe, John Deere has improved upon some of the features of the old model.  Including a 7 Foot Digging depth, and an incredibly powerful boom that delivers up to 2472 pounds of bucket digging force.  Here are some more of the awesome new specs you’ll see on the 270A Backhoe.

John Deere Tractor Model Compatibility

The John Deere 270A Backhoe is compatible with 2320 and 2025R Compact Utility Tractors.

NOTE:  Use of the 270A requires a power beyond kit and front-end loader for ballasting purposes.

One of the great things about the 270A Backhoe is that it’s incredibly easy to attach and remove.  This backhoe utilizes 3-point hitch arms that can remain on the tractor.  When installing, simply attach the lift rod to the lower draft arms and connect the backhoe to the tractor’s 3-point hitch.

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