Michelin X Tweel Turf for John Deere ZTrak Lawn Mowers

Imagine a world where your lawn mower never has a flat tire again.  No more wasted time spent replacing or refilling tires.  No more spending money on new tires and patch kits.  Michelin’s revolutionary design of the all new X Tweel Turf is changing the game of commercial mowing.

A Quick Look at John Deere’s New X Tweel Turf

When it comes to tires, Michelin leads the pack in engineering and manufacturing the best tires in the world.  Now partnering exclusively with John Deere, Michelin has created the revolutionary X Tweel Turf.

This innovative new tire combines everything you want in a pneumatic tire, without needing any air!  Because of the unique construction of the X Tweel Turf, it’s wear life is up to three times longer than that of a typical pneumatic tire.

Save Time:

The unique design of the X Tweel eliminates the time consuming hassle of pneumatic tire maintenance.  No more time spent checking and maintaining tire pressure.  And since the X Tweel’s Tread lasts up to three times longer, that means no more wasted downtime spent replacing old tires.

Save Money:

Along with saving you a great deal of time, the X Tweel will severely reduce the money on spare tires.  Because of the innovative design, blowouts, punctures and sidewall damage are all now a thing of the past!

The X Tweel’s Tread is guaranteed to last up to three times longer than traditional pneumatic tires, severely diminishing the amount of money spent on replacement tires.  Along with longer lasting tires, the X Tweel streamlines the bulky design of your current tire, wheel, and valve assembly into one sleek, high quality unit, eliminating the need for expensive replacement parts.

Smoother Ride:

The New X Tweel’s design makes sure to put an emphasis on maximizing comfort for the operator.  The unique spoke design severely reduces bouncing and allows for a much smoother ride than traditional tires.  Navigating over curbs and bumps is now an effortless task.

The outer rim of the X Tweel is constructed of a strong, but flexible beam called a shear beam.  The shear beam is attached to the inner hub by thin, pliable – yet extremely strong spokes.  This ensures that the rider experiences a smooth, comfortable ride every time.

The New X Tweel Turf – Now available at Mutton Power Equipment

Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, IN has everything you need to make your yard look great – including Michelin’s new X Tweel Turf – compatible with any John Deere Z-Trak Zero Turn Lawn Mower.  Call Mutton Power Equipment to learn how you can start saving time and money with the X Tweel Turf from John Deere.

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