Image of the new JOhn eere X330

The X330 is a brand new model in the X300 lineup, arriving via surprise introduction in February 2016.  This entry model in the Select series is one of the most economical ways to own a premium John Deere Lawn Tractor. Starting just at $2,999 the X330 features a new 20-hp Cyclonic engine for more power and value. Along with the legendary durability and reliability customers around the world have come to expect from John Deere.


The 20-hp (14.9-kW) V-twin engine used in the Select Series™ X330 Tractor provides plenty of power and torque to handle tough mowing jobs.  The powerful Cyclonic engine is built from the ground up to mulch and bag with ease, and provides a high quality cut at faster speeds, even in adverse conditions. 

Previously featured in John Deere’s ZTrak Zero Turn Mowers, the Cyclonic engine has been redesigned and tested to ensure long-term durability.  This engine now offers top-of-the-line performance in a Lawn Tractor design; consider it additional option in the X300 lineup to meet your power needs.

  • Large 44.2-cu in. (724-cc) displacement for extra power
  • Rapid torque rise for optimum response in varying load conditions
  • Improved V-twin cylinder design for lower vibration and improved sound quality
  • Fast starting single-barrel carburetor with ethanol-resistant components and large passages to resist plugging
  • Cast-iron sleeves for a longer engine life 
  • Full-pressure lubrication for better incline performance and more time between oil changes

Air Management System

A major new design highlight of the X330 is the Cyclonic Air-Management System.  With a carefully designed airflow pattern, larger particles of dirt are repelled before they reach the air filter. Which increases the uptime and prolonging engine life.

The patented, six-step Cyclonic debris management design proactively directs debris away from the air cleaner during operation. Which enables a cleaner engine and longer service intervals. The dual stage air cleaner element and positive locking system seal out dust and dirt for the ultimate preservation of components, while tool-less access to filters allows for fast and easy changes on the job.

  • Excellent serviceability with an easily replaced air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter and a convenient oil-drain hose to make draining oil easy and clean
  • Replaceable oil filter and fuel filter are easy to access and require no tools to change, minimizing service time and cost
  • Two debris inspection ports help ensure clean engine fins for optimum cooling
  • Cyclonic air-management system removes larger particles of dirt before they reach the air filter for increased filter lifespan and longer engine life
  • Flexible oil-drain hose eliminates the mess when changing oil, without the need for tools
  • Heavy-duty engine block and sump bearing with additional strengthening ribs and a steel-backed, self-lubricating bearing allow for higher belt loads and sustained, heavy loading

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