The New Exmark Suspension Platform

If you’re a commercial landscaper, there is nothing more important than comfort.  After all, you probably spend a good majority of your day on a lawn mower – you better hope it’s a comfortable ride.  New to 2015, Exmark has created an innovative new seat design that will maximize operator comfort and significantly reduce the impact of bumps and vibrations.  The new Exmark Suspension Platform allows you to easily glide over every bump, so you can mow all day long.   If you’re a commercial landscaper, the suspension platform is a no-brainer.  In this article, we’ll break down how the Suspension Platform provides a smooth ride and maximum comfort.

lazer z susp 2Floating Platform

Exmark’s new suspension platform utilizes coil-over hydraulic dampers that significantly reduce the impact of bumps and vibration.  In this design, the operator is essentially isolated from the mower, so you can smoothly glide over even the biggest bumps.  This “floating platform” provides maximum comfort.

lazer z susp 3Adjustable Rear Shocks

Along with the floating platform, the new Suspension platform also features adjustable rear shocks with 5 different settings.  Adjusting the position of the rear shocks delivers customized suspension response, based on the operators preference.  AND you don’t even need tools to adjust the shocks, making it a quick and easy job!

Controlled Suspension

Not only does the suspension platform limit vertical movement, but it also eliminates side to side movement!  This is accomplished by powerful trailing arms.  Exmark’s awesome new suspension platform is completely customizable — allowing you to adjust the platform based on your size and weight.  With this new design, there’s no harsh “bottoming out” feeling when going over bumps.

Iso-Mount Isolation System and Deluxe Seat

The suspended operator platform also includes a new seat that utilizes the existing Iso-Mount Isolation System.  The Iso-Mount system offers an impressive .75″ of lateral and .5″ of vertical isolation.  The extremely comfortable seats also feature Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric and plush foam padding.   These new revolutionary design features help to increase productivity and maximize comfort.  No matter how long you have to be on the seat, the suspension platform provides an amazingly comfortable and smooth ride – every time.

The Suspension seat is available as a factory installed upgrade on any 2015 and 2016 Lazer Z E and X-Series Zero Turn Mowers.  Visit our website to learn more about these awesome machines or stop in and try it out for yourself!

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