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Winter is coming to Indiana soon!!

We are getting closer and closer to winter. That means it’s time to think about how and where you will store your lawn equipment. Now you may be thinking about just storing your mower away without winterizing it and think nothing about it til the Spring. But that could actually cause damage to your mower! Keep reading to know the proper steps to take to winterize your lawn mower.

Remove or Stabilize Fuel

With the mowing season coming to an end, the first step to winterize your lawn mower is to empty out the remaining fuel. This step is important so your mower starts in the spring.

Allowing the fuel, to remain in the mower during winter, will cause the ethanol in the fuel to separate and degrade other chemical components.

Once you have emptied out as much gas as possible, run the mower to dry out any remaining gas. Another way to do empty out all the fuel is to disconnect the fuel like and drain it.

Remove the Battery

This is only essential if you own a lawn tractor. For example, a John Deere E100 is a lawn tractor. You will want to remove the battery and clean it off of any dust, or grease. Once that is done, store it in a cool and dry location. Then in the spring time all you need to do is charge the battery up and place it back in the lawn tractor!


Remove Spark Plug

Remove the spark plug and spray a shot of oil into the cylinder. Pull the recoil handle several times to ensure that the oil is evenly distrusted on the wall of the cylinder. Then replace the old spark plug with a new one.



Replace or Clean Filters

Remove and clean or simply replace the mower’s air filter and fuel filter.

Change Oil

Drain out all the oil from the mower, and fill with the specific weight oil it needs.



Scrape the mowing Deck

Tip the mower onto it’s side or securely prop it up. Unbolt and remove the blades. Next, use a putty knife to scrape loose any caked-on grass clippings from the underside of the deck. Once that is done, spray on a liberal coating of WD-40.

Sharpen Blades

Dull blades are horrible for your lawn, so for the Spring sharpen the blades or the best cut. If there is any damage to the blades, replace them with new blades.


Clean and Lube the mower

Before you store the mower away for the winter, you should clean the mower off. Using a damp cloth to wipe down the engine hosing, wheels, handle, and top of the mowing deck. Then lubricate all exposed cable-movement points and pivot points using a good-quality spray lubricant.

Storing Tips

The best place to store your lawn equipment is indoors, if possible. If not, then under a tarp to keep the dust off.

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